We task our engineers with designing vehicles that are a class above. That means loading many higher-class comforts into a much more affordable package. And finding ways to make the interior of our cars so spacious that the EPA classifies them as a class above what they actually are.

All while outfitting the cabin with rich features normally found in vehicles that cost thousands more. Take our compact Elantra, which has the interior space of a midsize car and is packed with features like front and rear heated leather seats and a seven-inch touchscreen navigation system. In fact, Elantra was just named 2012 North American Car of the Year. How's that for designing for a class above?

Safety features can mean the difference between skidding and stopping in time to avoid an accident. That's why we include more advanced safety technologies in every Hyundai vehicle.

We outfit them with features like anti-lock brakes and electronic brake-force distribution to give you more stopping power. Our Electronic Stability Control and Traction Control Systems help you keep your vehicle from skidding. Our goal is to provide a vehicle that helps you maintain control when it matters most.

We believe there's room for innovation everywhere. Even in a paint job. We pay attention to every detail. Including the ones we can't control, like road debris, hailstones and runaway grocery carts.

That's why we've developed a revolutionary new paint process that protects against corrosion, rust and scratches. We dip all our cars in an ecoat bath that prevents corrosion and provides 100% coverage. Then we use an elastic chemical compound called Scratch Recovery Clear to help scratches heal. Together, they do a better job of protecting your vehicle, making for one of the highest quality paint jobs in the industry.

A relentless dedication to improving powertrain efficiency and performance has led to a number of achievements. Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) technology that improves fuel efficiency and pushes out more power.

Having our engines named to the prestigious Ward's 10 Best Engines list, not once, but four times since 2009. And an entire team of managers and engineers who aren't afraid to ask "Have you tried?" Because no matter how impossible it sounds, they always find a way to design a better engine.